Interior Design

Artist, Interior Designer & Property Developer Assistant

Whether you’re decorating your home, renovating your space, or simply refreshing a dated apartment, we’re delighted to help you. Colourful Movements loves creating spaces that are both vibrant and functional, and witnessing the transformation from before to after, as a project comes to life. We understand the importance of intentionally choosing the furnishings and design elements around you so that they reflect what you believe and who you are.


Our services begin with a consultation to get to know clients’ needs, both in terms of aesthetics and lifestyle but offering practical and creative solutions in the process.

Following on from a successful commission we will provide tactile mood boards and product options to demonstrate the best colour schemes, wall finishes, fabrics and treatments, providing you with a clearer vision of the concept and suggested materials to be used. They also connect you with your vision throughout the design and development stage.


Everything you imagine: mood boards, colour palettes, furniture, fabrics, materials, and finishes. By drawing inspiration from every aspect of your personal passions, interests, and the unique requirements of your everyday life, we’ll craft a custom style that brings the best of you into your home.


With extensive design knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of interior design and decorative arts, I create unique interiors that function to meet your lifestyle and make you feel at home.

My approach is all-encompassing, incredibly creative, and dedicated to creating personalised styles that delight.

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